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PK ratings

Posted by Zazou,

We’ve added a PK ladder for fun. Obviously there’s no perfect way to rate PK performance. Is fleeing a valid tactic? Does a victory 10 vs 1 actually reflect skill?

The rating is calculated using the Elo system, so the difference between two players’ rating reflects the probability of each player winning. If two players are rated +0, it should be 50/50. If someone is rated +240, they should have an 80% chance of winning.

I’ve excluded all PKs where the players were of different class (hero vs archon, 2nd vs 3rd class, etc), and where the level difference is greater than 20 (not including archon levels).

Suggestions for improvements (other than doctoring the results) are welcome.

Seasonal/class quests

Posted by Katran,

It seems I can’t keep up with policing the new quest submissions. However, here’s how you can help me out.

When submitting new quests, remove all (LPK), (NPK), and (CPK) flags from Journey to phases.

If your quest has hidden phases which are revealed upon completing the previous phase, make a note of the initial quest timer and try to submit the quest after all the phases have been revealed. Then mark the hidden phases as hidden (a checkbox on the edit page) or e-mail me to let me know what phases should be hidden. Doing this allows our parser to automatically search and link the relevant NPCs, items, and rooms.

If your quest has item rewards, paste them as a comment on the quest. I’ll probably get to it eventually. :S

Do not resubmit a quest if it already exists in the database!!!! If the quest has been modified or somehow otherwise has an error, e-mail me to let me know what’s wrong and include the full text of the quest.


Please, e-mail us...

Posted by Katran,

…for any problems/concerns about the site.

Please don’t wait for me to log on or return from AFK so I can listen to your tells. Seriously, I will be better able to deal with things if I have a list waiting in my e-mail.

Specifically, you should send any database-related things to me at katrie @ gmail. I deal with item, NPC, quest, trainer, skill, mark, and area submissions and corrections. I can fix players’ class path and clan affiliation in the player tracker. I can also reset your password.

Issues related to automated site functions (such as trackers) or any code errors should generally be directed to Zazou (his name @

If you don’t know where to send your request, just send it to me and I’ll deal with it or forward it as necessary.

If you have a suggestion, please post it in the suggestions forum.

THANK YOU for voicing your concern via the appropriate channel.

More personal update/reason for lack of activity: I got a job and it is sucking my life and my soul.

Databases - how YOU can help!

Posted by Katran,

Hi folks. As always, I want to thank everyone again for all your contributions to the site. For any folks who’ve been itching to find a way to help, well, here are some things that need to be done to make the databases more complete (and awesome).

First, please note! The best way to get things added or fixed on existing database records is to send me a note in-game or e-mail me (katrie at gmail) or post in the errors forum. If you just leave a comment on stuff within the databases, we might not happen upon it for a long time. :p

Things I’m looking for in particular at this point are as follows:

Quest Database

Quest IDs. As the in-game quest IDs are now being shown, we are going back and adding them whenever we see them. Please note that each quest from each questmaster has its own ID. In other words, otherwise identical quests from different questmasters will each have a unique ID. UPDATE: Quest search results are now sortable by the in-game ID.

Quest timers. When you submit new quests to the database, please make sure that the quest timer you’re submitting with it is the full quest timer. Thank you! If you see any quests in the database with less than full timers, please let me know.

Ambiguous phases. When there are multiple items, NPCs, and rooms sharing the same name, the quest parser will flag any phases in question as “ambiguous”. Please do not remove/”fix” the ambiguous flag until you can confirm that the correct database record has been selected. For ambiguous “Journey to” (room) phases, we are always looking for the exact location that is required to satisfy the quest phase.

Hidden phases. If you submit a quest with phases such as “(Hidden until previous goal is completed)” (or any of the other hidden phase strings), obviously the quest parser won’t know what is required. Please make a note of the full quest timer and submit the quest later with all the phase strings, then let me know which phases should be marked as hidden. (Less desirable but still appreciated alternative: you can submit the quest as-is, then add the phases in the hints.)

All registered users are able to submit new quests. Reminder to paste the entire quest exactly as it appears in game and do not manipulate the line breaks in the description.

For existing quest records, if you can provide a quest ID, full timer, disambiguation, details of hidden phases, or any other corrections, please give me the deets along with the full text of the quest. <3

Item/NPC Databases

To submit new items and NPCs, you can paste the info in the submissions forum or let me know in game.

Trainers for the new skills. I’ve gone through and updated most of the existing trainers, but please let me know if you find something I missed.

Long descriptions for items. Please add any missing long descriptions (as they appear in the room) whenever you can.

Weapons with incorrect damage numbers. A (long) while back, the damage values displayed in weapon ids in the game were recalculated. That’s why we have some grossly wrong numbers, like level 20 weapons doing 100+ damage, for example. I’ve been correcting these whenever I find them, so they’re mostly fixed, but there are still some wrong numbers lurking out there. If you find this kind of error and can provide the correct damage, please let me know.

Number of uses for keys. (They haven’t always been shown.)

For interest’s sake, I made an evolving items table: (This will be linked from the item database main page when Zazou gets around to it.)


I’ve added a lot of the new skills, but I’ve only been adding them as I encounter them, so please let me know if you find one that I missed.

Note regarding user accounts

In order to help the site admins find you (in case we need to ask for clarification on something you’ve submitted), please use your (main) character name as your username on this site. With respect to ownership of a username, our policy is that a username belongs to whoever owns that character name in the game. If your username does not exist as a character in Materia Magica, please note that your account here may at some point be terminated. (“Grimdeath”, I’ve got my eye on you and the quests you’ve submitted recently. Please see me in game if you see this.)

Finally, yes, I can reset your password if you’ve lost yours. Send me a tell. :)

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