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Questmaster: The Council of Seven's envoy to Lord Telleri [Tellerium]
This quest is called 'A Barbarian's Best Friend', for Adventurers levels 15 to 250.
Description of A Barbarian's Best Friend:
BARBARIANS can turn pretty much anything into a weapon, and are
responsible for creating some of the weapons other fighters call "their
own." The most damaging weapon in a BARBARIAN'S hands would be a
heavy AXE of some sort. Visit the Fighters' Guild to
find an AXE. Then head to the museum off of Draper to learn a bit about
the weapon before you use it. Head to the practice trainer in Tellerium and
the trainer in Templeton to learn what they know about combat using an
AXE. Upon your return to Tellerium, check in with the Cavalier's Guild.
They can offer you training with the weapon HALBERD. As a Barbarian,
you should be comfortable incorporating other fighting styles in with your
own, so be friendly while you're over there.
This quest is part of quest #Barbarian Training !
Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive up
to 17 quest points, 2 practice points, 13200 experience points, and 1012 gold pieces.
You have 200 minutes remaining to complete this quest.
A Barbarian's Best Friend consists of:
Phase 1: Journey to Practice Weapons and Armor Storage.
No hint for this phase yet.
Phase 2: Journey to Axe Room. [Hidden].
No hint for this phase yet.
Phase 3: Visit the practice trainer. [Hidden].
No hint for this phase yet.
Phase 4: Visit the martial arts trainer. [Hidden].
No hint for this phase yet.
Phase 5: Visit the cavalier trainer. [Hidden].
No hint for this phase yet.