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Last ten sunk ships

Loser Winner Time
Bentley's Ship (captain: Bentley) Imp of Disaster (with its cannon) 2015-04-18 04:50 pm
Dead in the Water (captain: Dyalot) Collision damage 2015-04-15 09:37 pm
Bentley's Ship (captain: Bentley) Wandering Conniver of Laments (with its cannon) 2015-04-13 05:01 am
Bentley's Ship (captain: Bentley) Mischievous Lout (with its cannon) 2015-04-13 01:39 am
Bentley's Ship (captain: Bentley) Beautiful Sidewinder (with its ballista) 2015-04-12 11:48 pm
Bentley's Ship (captain: Bentley) Collision damage 2015-04-12 10:33 pm
Mllenkamp (captain: Carok) Collision damage 2015-04-12 04:09 pm
Galalad's Ship Evil Shark of the Maiden (with its cannon) 2015-04-12 11:00 am
The Nebuchadnezzar (captain: Floyd) Teeth of Grief (with its cannon) 2015-04-09 12:03 am
S.S. Sinkalot (captain: Dyalot) Collision damage 2015-04-08 02:21 am

Most sunk ships

Ship name Type Sinks
Chromatus's bringer of DEATH super dreadnought 78
The Cwn's Cuise Line super dreadnought 66
Cassuvius drakkar 66
Hell Bound super dreadnought 65
.The Sand Flea. super dreadnought 61
The Phantom Dread super dreadnought 58
Disruption WarHead super dreadnought 56
The Sea Sprite super dreadnought 53
The ]v[ask Aenger! super dreadnought 50
Knot Working drakkar 47