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Cwn Annwn


Cwn Annwn is working on creating a set of guides for the pleasure of our adoring fans.

General guides

Addressing and Indexing in Materia Magica
A must have guide for those players new to Materia Magica. The basics of how to interact with your gear, mobs, and other players.
Archon Master Forms
A few tips to make fighting an archon master relatively painless.
Levelling guide
Where to quest, where to level, how many friends to bring along, and other information broken down by class to take the guesswork out of leveling.
Tips and Trivia
A bunch of information about the game, some of it trivial, some of it useful.

Area/run guides

Detailed tips to prepare you for running Reztreal.
Detailed tips to prepare you for running Vyst.