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Cwn Annwn

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Accessing this site and all pages within the domain constitutes an agreement to the following terms of use.

Member of the Cwn Annwn clan have spent a lot of time and energy collecting the information on this site. We hope you find it useful and that it makes playing Materia Magica more enjoyable in some way. That said, we make no claim to the information taken from the Materia Magica game itself. Some aspects of that game information belong to Ingenii Interactive, and that ownership may place additional constraints on how you may use the information. We cannot speak to those issues.

We do require that if you make use of a collection of game information, an analysis of game information, or original content contained on this site, in a public forum or any non-individual, personal purpose, that you acknowledge where said content came from. For example, if you were to take the list of creature types from our creatures page or a speedwalk from our speedwalk generator, and posted it on your webpage, you would have an obligation to conspicuously note where it came from on that page. A link back to our page would be appreciated, though is not required.

Users are explicitly prohibited from "feeding through" by pointing their own search forms at our webserver without explicit prior permission. Users are also explicitly prohibited from polling our server in an automatic manner without explicit prior permission. We will deny access to anyone we find doing this type of thing if we have not previously given explicit permission.

Any graphics, including those marked with the hounds logo, and the hounds logo itself, belong to the clan and may not be reposted, altered or unaltered, without prior explicit permission from Zazou or Tejon. A copy of maps with the hounds logo may be saved to your local machine for personal use. We request that you please give people links to our site's map page rather with the map itself.

Users are explicity forbidden from using any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript from the site in any document, public or private, without explicit prior permission. All the calculators and JavaScript machines, and their constituent code, are copyrighted and are not public domain.

The spirit of this all is this: if you take the stuff we worked really hard to bring you, file off the serial numbers, and imply that it is your creation in some way... we have a right to be pissed and will likely take steps. Just linking back to us is not a hard thing, and if you ask for permission to use something, we can probably work it out.

The statements in this document are not to be construed as exclusionary. Just because we do not explicitly claim a given right in this document, does not mean we have waived it.

Zazou may be contacted in game or through the address zazou [AT] Tejon may be contacted in game or through the address tejon [AT]