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Cwn Annwn

Clan History

The Cwn Annwn, clan 92, was requested in July of 2001. The original members were Katran, Vaneir, Slight, Hanna, and Terror. The clan was activated within a month, after which quite a few of the original members left to pursue their own interests.

In June of 2002, after much time and effort spent gathering maleficarum roots in the Proving Grounds, they purchased their first clanhall, located on the Flaran Plains, northeast of Tellerium. Almost a year later, on June 5, 2003, they upgraded their clanhall to class B. At this time, they had the hall moved to a more convenient location in the Callias Mountains.

On July 17, 2003, Katran consented to Zakainen's pleas to toggle to PK. There were some minor disagreements concerning this matter, but all in all, the experience, though short-lived, was fun. However, the clan eventually realized that it would be wiser to wait until more clan members were a high enough level to not get slaughtered on all their quests.

In July of 2004, Katran became convinced that the clan needed some serious overhaul. She appointed Chamone/Vorn to be her campaign manager and recruitment/admissions officer. She booted many of the clan's earliest but now inactive members, and allowed many new players to join. Since this time, several core members have joined the clan, and various, more transitory members have passed through.

In November of 2004, The clan took a downturn in visibility with the deletion of Zakainen and the semi-retirement of Khalid.

In mid-2005, Khalid returned to full activity, and Vaneir returned to the clan after a re-mort. Soon after, development of began.

In October of 2006, The Cwn Annwn created the Iron Crown alliance. The alliance quickly grew to become the most powerful alliance in the game, joined by four other distinguished clans; Paradigm, Timeworn, Legacy, and Spiritwalk, quickly growing to become the most powerful alliance in the game. After 10 months, disagreements arose among the allies as to what an alliance needed to be. Ultimately we dissolved the alliance amicably. The Cwn Annwn later went on to join the Inverted Magenta alliance, where it remains today.

In January of 2008, with Katran and Khalid both semi-retired from play, the long-time elder and chieftain Tejon was added as an owner of the clan, and has actively run the clan since. Tejon took the clan to PK status briefly in March of 2008 in a semi-successful experiment. Returning from PK status until some of the smaller members of the clan could defend themselves, Clan 92 plans to return to PK status after a short hiatus.

Site History was requested on June 15th, 2005, and development of the new version of began. The new version, written by Vaneir in PHP, focused primarily on items, NPCs and trackers. In an effort to better associate the site with the clan, was created on December 24th, 2005. The site has since expanded greatly, aided by its blogs, logs, marks, and many tools (written by Tejon and Zazou).

In 2007, won first place in the official MM website contest, competing against a number of very strong sites. The site has expanded further since then, enlarging both in the number of features offered as well as the scope of its databases.