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Last ten submitted items
Item name Level Type Location
ore a dirty iron slug 40 ore Frost Giant's Keep
treasure a Baron's brosh 1 treasure Irda Isle
artifact a charred piece of currency from the Ithrix homeworld 241 artifact
tool a jeweler's workbench 10 tool Lowangen
furniture a stone portal 200 furniture Ogre Village
furniture a decorative plate depicting a group of youthful warriors, in the city of Tellerium 10 furniture Collectibles
explosive failsafe insurance from the Commissioner of Murder 10 explosive
container a thief's purse 100 container Vir
map a souvenir map of the old Bazaar 5 map Bazaar
clothing a prehistorical mask 180 clothing

There are 8,038 items in our database. 2,938 are missing long descriptions. Please help us by filling those in where you can!

Type Count
weapon 1,015
armor 882
furniture 583
food 503
treasure 471

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