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Last ten submitted items
Item name Level Type Location
esoteric relic an antique patch from the Djinn Slavemasters 75 esoteric relic Arien'dyth
figurine an artificial xorn 241 figurine Towne of Decara
scroll a scroll of 'diplomatic ties' 25 scroll
parchment a note to the ancestor 60 parchment
armor a red bandit mask 241 armor
armor the helm of domination 230 armor Dungeon Avarice
artifact the knowledge of the fire giants 241 artifact Dungeon Avarice
treasure a heraldic cheetah 241 treasure
none poker script bank helpers 0 none
furniture a decorative plate depicting the Power of air and wind, Dira 10 furniture Collectibles

There are 8,158 items in our database. 2,960 are missing long descriptions. Please help us by filling those in where you can!

Type Count
weapon 1,030
armor 903
furniture 586
food 503
treasure 488

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