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Last ten submitted items
Item name Level Type Location
armor Divusmors' boots of command 241 armor
armor the commander's helm of Divusmors 241 armor
spellbook Tirisil's missing spellbook 75 spellbook
weapon a blade named 'a different class of fighter' 10 weapon Donation Item
treasure a forged note from the Council of Seven 35 treasure The Towne of New Rigel
container a trick or treat sack 5 container Towne of Rune (Seasonal)
treasure a giant emerald named 'class warfare' 10 treasure Donation Item
weapon a frost giant's meteor hammer 241 weapon Frost Giant's Keep
clothing a frosted, brittle loincloth 241 clothing Frost Giant's Keep
relic a rotten shovel handle stolen from a geist 35 relic Quest Reward

There are 8,068 items in our database. 2,947 are missing long descriptions. Please help us by filling those in where you can!

Type Count
weapon 1,021
armor 891
furniture 583
food 503
treasure 475

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