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Last ten submitted items
Item name Level Type Location
armor sharpened wolverine claws 183 armor Mandrake Woods
armor a wolverinepelt cloak 185 armor Mandrake Woods
weapon the soul of Rast Strikecraw 150 weapon Sigil
weapon the tourmaline dragon's talon 185 weapon Maldra Keep
armor the gauntlets of Rast Strikecraw 150 armor Sigil
parchment a dictated message from Lord Vashir 26 parchment The Village of Lasler
treasure a sealed communique to Master Irvin 23 treasure The Village of Lasler
treasure a secret missive addressed to Master Irvin 25 treasure The Village of Lasler
clothing a chronomancer's phasing vest 241 clothing
pill a chalky anti-paralytic 25 pill

There are 8,111 items in our database. 2,957 are missing long descriptions. Please help us by filling those in where you can!

Type Count
weapon 1,029
armor 898
furniture 583
food 503
treasure 480

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