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Cwn Annwn


Location Recallable Who string
(731, 255) in Underground No Towne
You see a forest of iron pipes, reaching up into the infinite gloom.
Used to look like: a dark city surrounded by flaming rivers of lava

This is the drow city.

Items in area Arien'dyth

Item name Level Type Location
ammunition-pouch a bandolier of explosive hollow point rounds 241 ammunition-pouch Arien'dyth
ammunition-pouch a bandolier of shield-piercing iron-core rounds 241 ammunition-pouch Arien'dyth
container a black velvet bag 100 container Arien'dyth
furniture a cold marble slab 241 furniture Arien'dyth
armor a crumpled hat with a leather band 241 armor Arien'dyth
parchment a fortune 1 parchment Arien'dyth
furniture a green lever 241 furniture Arien'dyth
tool a magisculptor's tools of the trade 241 tool Arien'dyth
weapon a phasing maul 241 weapon Arien'dyth
food a pint of rocky road 241 food Arien'dyth
food a plate of salami 10 food Arien'dyth
artifact a ravensclaw scepter 241 artifact Arien'dyth
weapon a reaper named 'Wink' 241 weapon Arien'dyth
relic a relic shaped like a bit of pad from Laniolar's moccasin 10 relic Arien'dyth
relic a relic shaped like the cannibal king's personal flintstriker 10 relic Arien'dyth
relic a relic shaped like the ear of a fungusman 10 relic Arien'dyth
reagent-water a scale of a merman sensitive 241 reagent-water Arien'dyth
reagent-air a stoppered vial of the eastern wind 241 reagent-air Arien'dyth
furniture a temporary barricade 10 furniture Arien'dyth
weapon A well-balanced, fletched lance 241 weapon Arien'dyth
warp-stone a yellow moonstone 241 warp-stone Arien'dyth
esoteric relic an antique patch from the Djinn Slavemasters 75 esoteric relic Arien'dyth
orb an ivy-wrapped orb 241 orb Arien'dyth
ankh an pentagram-inscribed ankh 241 ankh Arien'dyth
treasure not much 15 treasure Arien'dyth
weapon the bastard sword 'Godslayer' 241 weapon Arien'dyth
seed the crimson seed of the motile ginseng 241 seed Arien'dyth
reagent-ethereal the gizzard of a void owl 241 reagent-ethereal Arien'dyth
seed the seed of destruction 241 seed Arien'dyth
reagent-earth the severed finger joint of a clay golem 241 reagent-earth Arien'dyth
orb the smooth green half of a sphere of barriers 241 orb Arien'dyth
orb the spiky magenta half of a sphere of assault 241 orb Arien'dyth
furniture the stocks 10 furniture Arien'dyth
reagent-fire the toxic, flaming tail of a fire scorpion 241 reagent-fire Arien'dyth
armor vegeance arms 241 armor Arien'dyth
armor vengeance thighs 241 armor Arien'dyth

NPCs in area Arien'dyth

NPC Location
A blue-gloved mortician Arien'dyth
A bridled scorpionhound Arien'dyth
A captive golem Arien'dyth
A captive hippopotamus Arien'dyth
A chained hellpuppy Arien'dyth
A cloaked hag Arien'dyth
A cultist of V'ree Arien'dyth
A dapper-looking dracon Arien'dyth
A dark priestess of Holzan Arien'dyth
A demoniac adherent Arien'dyth
A djinn iconoclast Arien'dyth
A Djinn slaver Arien'dyth
A dour-looking banker Arien'dyth
A drow stormvalkyrie Arien'dyth
A follower of Xuchar Arien'dyth
A gargantuan mud golem Arien'dyth
A gnobbly little locksmith Arien'dyth
A goblin slavemaster Arien'dyth
A guard-magician Arien'dyth
A hair-suited hunter Arien'dyth
A heavily-armored member of the Guard Arien'dyth
A magmamancer making a pilgrimage to V'ree Arien'dyth
A masked noxomancer Arien'dyth
A member of the wagonguard attachment Arien'dyth
A mutilated corpse Arien'dyth
A one-eyed scavenger Arien'dyth
A possessed soul Arien'dyth
A postmanscorpion Arien'dyth
A priest Arien'dyth
A puttering gardener Arien'dyth
A ravenous Implementor Arien'dyth
A retired farmer Arien'dyth
A riotguard Arien'dyth
A shopkeeper carrying many ledgers Arien'dyth
A shopping sorceress Arien'dyth
A starving Implementor Arien'dyth
A surly-looking riotguard Arien'dyth
A sweaty goblin miner Arien'dyth
A tortured balrog Arien'dyth
A tow-headed child Arien'dyth
A unibrowed drow Arien'dyth
A young gloomwing Arien'dyth
Ambassador Nezak Arien'dyth
Ambassador Raugnath Ripthraw Arien'dyth
An alarmed researcher Arien'dyth
An archmagusculptor Arien'dyth
An aspiring metamancer Arien'dyth
An elite cityguard of Arien'dyth Arien'dyth
An imperial senator Arien'dyth
Bernartopher Glyffrukk Arien'dyth
Bernetrude Pongogk, Undertaker Extraordinaire Arien'dyth
Breakstuff Arien'dyth
Brxwan the Soothing Arien'dyth
Cleagga, the beastmaster Arien'dyth
Denaton Kakior, Esq. Arien'dyth
Desid the Stalker Arien'dyth
Ka'rth the butcher Arien'dyth
Klaethor Arien'dyth
Madame Sloor Arien'dyth
Peg-legged Sk'ree Arien'dyth
Skelltroz the Summoner Arien'dyth
The arthropomancy lecturer Arien'dyth
The imperial whip Arien'dyth
The senior anthropomancer Arien'dyth
The umbramancy professor Arien'dyth
The wuggly mother Arien'dyth
TreatBot 9000 Arien'dyth

Special rooms in the area

Room name