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NPC: Ambassador Raugnath Ripthraw

NPC: Ambassador Raugnath Ripthraw
Long Desc: An elderly sahuagin flips through his correspondence, looking for news from back home.

The Ripthraws are not a prestigious family, or one with a great legacy- in
fact, Raugnath is the first to make a name for herself, first as a powerful
tracker of elves on land, then as a merciless interrogator, and finally as
an esteemed ambassador to one of the most important missions in the seas.
The diplomatic relationship between the sahuagin and the drow is based
almost entirely on hatred of the elves.  These are long-standing views, and
as such, there is not much for an ambassador to do, or even maintain.  As
such, Raugnath is able to spend much of her time recreationally touring the
darkest dungeons in the deepest spires, torturing any elves she comes
across, and diplomatically reminding herself that it is crucial to her
position and the mission at large to remind herself that the drow, and
pragmatically the sahuagin, do not consider the drow to be elves.

She is a sahuagin approximately 5'6" tall.

This NPC can be found in: Arien'dyth.
*This NPC is protected by the Powers.
*This NPC is stationary.