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Cwn Annwn


Gath, the Power of Fire. (Fire) [Power]
Maradas, the Power of Earth. (Earth) [Power]
Ithrilis, the Power of Water. (Water) [Power]
Dira, the Power of Air. (Air) [Power]
Vandyne, the Power of Ether. (Ether) [Power]
The Jellyfish of the Universe, Eminent Creation Deity. (Ether)
Indra, Patron Goddess of New Rigel. (Air)
Azathoth, The Fiery Balrog of Evil and Corruption. (Fire)
Nadazar, Deity of the Merfolk. (Water)
Selvicia, the Dark Lady. (Air)
Praios, A Lowangen Local Deity. (Air)
Skah-Tuk, The Historical Minotaur God of Rain. (Water)
Holzan, A Mysterious Drowish Deity. (Water)
Ina, Overseer of the Western Sea. (Water)
Metonychoseuthis, with Swiveling Hooks, Eminent Destructor Deity. (Ether)
Sumter, A Bloodthirsty Deity of Antiquity. (Earth)
Uath, God of Luck. (Air)
Alkan-Rakh, the Olde Ariel God of War. (Air)
Allak-Sunn, Dracons' Archaic Controller of Winds. (Air)
Animism, the Acknowledgment of the Life present in All Things. (Earth)
Beyonder, Dracon Guardian of the Source. (Ether)
Grorbol, the Troublesome Goblin deity. (Earth)
Kalywak, the spritely patron deity of Mischief and Trouble. (Air)
The Dark Power, A High Agent of the Forces of Entropy. (Water)
Theoorn, Old Dwarven God of Vitality and Ruggedness. (Earth)
Zeqolas, the Evil God of the Sahuagin. (Water)
Abacax, The Icy Balrog of Evil and Corruption. (Water)
Asvin, Old Dwarven God of Strength and Power. (Earth)
Death, the Releaser of Life and Ender of All Things. (Ether)
Dracolich, the undying Symbol of the Dracco Cult. (Fire)
Fallen-Gods, the worshiped Idols of Yore. (Earth)
Gruumsh, the One-Eyed leader of the Orcish Pantheon. (Ether)
Hymula, Orcish Deity of Life and Healing. (Air)
Osvin, Old Dwarven God of Honor and Courage. (Earth)
Pan, A Benevolent Nature Deity. (Earth)
Ruthia, Goddess of Luck. (Earth)
Saenia, the Sea-Elves' Goddess of Peace and Diplomacy. (Water)
Sandoval, the King of the Seelie in perpetuity. (Ether)
Stormseeker, An Unknown Elder God. (Ether)
The Implementors, Extraplanar Gods of Mischief. (Ether)
Tirona, the Queen of the Unseelie in perpetuity. (Ether)
Vree, A Mysterious Drowish Deity. (Fire)
Vyst, The Fiery Demigod. (Fire)
Xuchar, the Drowish Demon Urge of Malice. (Earth)
Yourban, The Self-proclaimed Master of All Evil. (Fire)
Ypayla, Orcish Deity of Suffering and Agony. (Fire)