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Cwn Annwn

NPC database

Last ten submitted NPCs
NPC Location
A levitating eyeball Maldra Keep
An embassy security officer Maldra Keep
A beefy bouncer Tabert's Inn
A resting messenger Tabert's Inn
A furtive chemwalker A Labyrinthine Molehill
A frenzied frost giant battlerager Frost Giant's Keep
A frightened looter A Ghost Town
A temple priestess Runic Castle
The Tellerium clan master Tellerium
A guard-magician Arien'dyth

There are 6,099 NPCs in this database. 43 of these haven't been assigned any area.

2,705 are stationary NPCs, 1,324 are protected NPCs, 651 are shopkeepers, 186 are hidden NPCs, 159 are bosses, 102 are trainers, 32 are clerics, 25 are blacksmiths, 17 are questmasters