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Cwn Annwn

NPC database

Last ten submitted NPCs
NPC Location
The arthropomancy lecturer Arien'dyth
The senior anthropomancer Arien'dyth
The umbramancy professor Arien'dyth
A masked noxomancer Arien'dyth
Ambassador Nezak Arien'dyth
Bernartopher Glyffrukk Arien'dyth
Ambassador Raugnath Ripthraw Arien'dyth
Hungry Harmook Towne of Decara
The Maitresse of the Mageknights Seelie Castle

There are 6,177 NPCs in this database. 44 of these haven't been assigned any area.

2,745 are stationary NPCs, 1,343 are protected NPCs, 666 are shopkeepers, 186 are hidden NPCs, 161 are bosses, 103 are trainers, 33 are clerics, 25 are blacksmiths, 25 are questmasters