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Cwn Annwn

NPC: The arthropomancy lecturer

NPC: The arthropomancy lecturer
Long Desc: A squat, bald man observes the dirt from his lectern.

Squat and bald with a ring of hair sprouting around his ears, this man isn't
particularly attractive, but that's not why people come to him.  Rather, he
is one of the foremost authorities on arthropomancy.  Spending his life
learning about, cultivating, growing and mastering control of beetles and
many other types of bugs, he can - and there he goes again, popping a
rolypoly the size of a billiard ball out of his mouth.  

+++ the arthropomancy lecturer only functions as a trainer during the nighttime.

He is a drow approximately 4'7" tall.

This NPC can be found in: Arien'dyth.
*This NPC is stationary.
*This NPC is a trainer.