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Cwn Annwn

The Vyst Walkthrough

Requirements for the run:

  • 3 archons and/or heroes (a good tank and someone with silence)
  • 20,000 gold for the Mad Mole

Step 1: Obtain A Flat Basalt Key


From safe in Mount Vesuvius, go south, nine down, south, and six down to An Ashy Intersection. Take the southwest path to A Fiery Altar. Enter the altar quickly or you will be placed back at An Ashy Intersection. Do not bother trying to dispel Zizziks (A demon of shadows lunges at you from the wall of the room.). Flash blind him because he paralyzes. He is a demon and can be both poisoned and plagued. You need a flat basalt key from him. He also carries a shield of shadows and the yo-yo of darkness. Leaving through the north door will place you once again at An Ashy Intersection.

Step 2: Obtain A Brilliant White Key


From An Ashy Intersection take the northwest path. At first intersection go south. At the next intersection go northwest to The Mad Gnome (The Mad Gnome is here, cackling insanely.) and his Inside the Mad Mole. Give the Gnome 10,000 gold and take the ride. After the ride, follow the path to the first intersection and head all east. Search and continue east. Take the northeast door and then down to End of the Tunnel where the Digger Brothers hang out in NPK. Search east. The Brothers will become aggressive when you search, but they are not much of a challenge. Lirentos carries the a gnomish miners bag. Go east and kill Wiggles Tenderfoot for a guard's ring. He also carries a bronze mace and an enchanted ball of magma which can be used to get the mark of fire by giving it to Vyst.

Retrace your route to the north-west-east intersection and head all west. At the next intersection go northwest and at the next intersection, go southwest to In An Illuminated Cave. Syrzaic can be dispelled but it takes a while. Again he is a demon and can be poisoned and plagued. He is susceptible to druid blind. Be sure to web him though, because he is an alchemist and his bombs are a pain. Loot a brilliant white key from him. He also carries Syrazic's tail coil and the gloves of alchemy.

Step 3: Obtain A Shriveled Fruit


Retrace path again going east at the first intersection, northeast at the second, and north at the third to The Entrance to a Stone Chapel. Take the first east and the first north to A Strangely Lit Room. A goodly priest has a shriveled fruit. The fruit can be stolen from him and often has been. You may need to kill him and wait for repop. I would suggest stealing rather than killing him. He is not hard but killing him is wasted effort and stealing can slow down any forms following yours.

Step 4: Obtain A Glowing Red Key

  • Pythax (A red, fiery dragon stands quickly as you enter the room.)

Head south and west then north again. At the end of this hall is A Large Satanic Chamber. It is CPK. Follow the path through A Fiery Descent until you reach Before A Mystical Gateway and then A Misery Bound Pathway. Head northwest and then northeast at the first intersection. Go east bypassing the north CPK. East at the first intersection and northwest at the next will lead you to Pythax. He is a dragon and cannot be plagued or bashed, but he is easily dispelled. Kill him and loot a glowing red key.

Step 5: Into Volcanus, Part I

  • Captain Ralath (A battle garbed centuar [sic] guard captain, sits by the fire here.)
  • Mordimus (Mordimus stands waiting for an audience to tell his stories to.)
  • Stepha (Stepha, the angel of purity, levitates above the floor here.)
Retrace your path once more to the north CPK you bypassed, A Fiery Plateau. Enter the rift in (A swirling, purple, magical mist completely covers the cavern wall) and follow down, with the guard ring you got from Wiggles in the leader’s inventory. Captain Ralath will take it and give you a militia badge, which will get you into Volcanus. At Intersection of Ash and Cinder go west and then south to The Cave of the Ancient. Give the fruit you obtained from a goodly priest to Mordimus. He will teleport you to Mordimus's Hidden Garden, where he plants the fruit. After a short time you will see “A shimmering sprout breaks through the soil, growing rapidly†and shortly after that “A glowing red fruit falls to the ground.â€

The leader should take the fruit and eat it, transporting the form to The Skylirian< Gardens. Head east and follow the path to Temple< of Purity and Stepha. She is not particularly difficult to kill. Do so and loot the Final Seal of Vyst and a shining yellow key from her. She also carries a glowing halo of light and an angel’s wingtip.

Go back to intersection, go south then west and follow around to The Skylirian Garden Gate. Enter the gate and you will be back at An Ashy Intersection.

Step 6: Into Volcanus Part 2: The Death of Vyst

  • Wyglif the Wise (An elderly centaur sits quietly, contemplating the mysteries of the world.)
  • An angel guardian (A guardian angel stands here, protecting the last seal.)
  • Vyst (The Demigod Vyst is here, radiating a fiery aura.)

Now head back to Volcanus. (Yes, it is a pain in the ass.) Once there, head all north to Entrance to the City Temple. Magic unlock the door to the temple. (If you do not have magic unlock, you can head all west at Intersection of Ash and Cinder then north to the first west and kill Wyglif the Wise to get a small key of marble. Wyglif also carries a flail of fire.) The keys you have collected will unlock a series of doors until you finally reach an angel guardian in The Final Seal Room. Give her the seal and you will be transported to The Gateway to Vyst (a CPK room). Heal. Spell up. Prepare. Vyst is no-flee.

When all are ready let the tank enter the gate into The Domain of Vyst, then follow. Use shield block. He bolts and it hurts. He is a psionic, will cast TKE and telekinetic wave, which can unform, so be ready for that. He cannot be bashed. Do not bother dispelling. He will dispel himself as you spell him up. Keep the tank healed and do damage once Vyst dispels his own sanctuary and haste. If you run into problems and get unformed or need to regroup, you can calm and move north. There are 2 mists in the north room that hit hard and are agro. Calm in that battle and flash bomb them until they are blind. Heal up quickly to regroup. The tank should walk south first and enter back into combat with Vyst. The rest of the form should enter after the tank is in combat.

When Vyst is at vomiting, silence him to prevent a last minute cast of momentary darkness. The corpse explodes so unless someone specific needs his gem, all form members level 237+ should have autoloot on. (boots of resistance are enforce-level). Otherwise the person needing the gem should spam ‘get all corpse’ when he is clinging. Vyst carries a halberd called 'Lightbringer', boots of resistance, Vyst's heart, the banded axe of misery, a baldric band, a smeared green spell scroll, the Demented's Blade, and a Gem of Life (needed for Balance mark). You can recall from here and with a three-hour repop, there is no sense in hanging around.

Congratulations, you've successfully run Vyst!