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The Reztreal Run


  • Recommended form — Several archons/heroes, preferably with several druids and a psi
  • Required items — astral, ethereal, gem, fire, earth, water, and air reagents to place
  • Locations — Xaventry and Shadow Castle
  • Loot


The Reztreal Run consists of three parts: Summoning the Archbishops, Killing the Archbishops, and Killing Reztreal.

Summoning the Archbishops

Starting in The Towne of Xaventry:

Dira Wing

From Before the Mighty Fountain of Life North, 12 West, North, and West. This will take you to the first of many dizzy rooms. Find your way to "Standing in Dense Fog". In that room you will find "A stone marker stands amidst the fog". In this marker you place an astral.

North, 12 West, 5 South, and East. This is another dizzy area where you find your way to the stone marker. This marker takes a type ethereal reagent. Place any ethereal reagent in the marker and it will hum and lock itself.

Gath Wing

North, 3 East, 9 North, and East. This will lead you to another dizzy room area that is no-talk and no-magic. Find your way to Standing in Dense Fog and place a type Fire reagent in the marker. The marker suddenly lights up and hums and then locks itself.

North, 3 East, 10 North, 6 West, 3north, 2 West, and South. This takes you to another dizzy area with a stone marker. This marker takes a type Earth reagent. Place any Earth reagent in the marker and it will hum and lock.

Maradas Wing

East, 7 South, 13 East, 6 North, East, and North. This takes you to another dizzy area with a stone marker. This marker takes a type Air reagent. Place any Air reagent in the marker and it will hum and lock itself.

East, 7 South, 2 East, and North. This takes you to another dizzy area with a stone marker. This marker takes a type Water reagent. Place any water reagent in the marker and it will hum and lock itself.

Ithrilis Wing

East, 16 South, 2 West, and South. This takes you to your final dizzy area with a stone marker. This marker takes a type Gem reagent. Place any Gem reagent in the marker and it will hum and lock itself.

After the final marker has its reagent in it, you will see this message:

An enormous CRREEEAaAKKK echoes through town, the sound of a magical 
prison weakening.

The Archbishop of Vandyne shouts 'Come thee, proud bishops, and we 
shall mitigate the risk of our captive's release!'
Go back to Before the Mighty Fountain of Life and there will be the five Archbishops of Xaventry in the room. Push the crystal in the room and it will fall over.

Killing the Archbishops


Once you push the crystal, you will get spammed with the following:

You successfully push a prismatic crystal off of its foundation.  
A disturbingly organic *thock* comes from within the crystal as it 
hits the ground.  A small crack appears on the dorsal region of the 
crystal, and a strange mist leaks through it. 

The Archbishops start to talk now.  'Brothers, we must take flight 
to the temple.' the Archbishop of Vandyne says. 'Only there will 
our prayers be enough to seal that opening until the powers 
themselves intervene!'

'You realize not the danger of your actions.' the Archbishop of 
Vandyne says.  'Realize, though, that if this process continues, 
the blame lies on your shoulders.'

'We are masters of the natural elements, our prisoner...the 
unnatural.' the Archbishop of Ithrilis says. 'It took a decade 
of terror before we could imprison the demon Reztreal in that 
crystal, and even so, the five of us almost failed.'

'He is the opposite of us, but equal in power to all five combined.' 
the Archbishop of Dira says. 'As a prisoner in that crystal, he 
was unable to cause problems, and we were able to use our ability 
for good.'

'If he escapes, we will be destined to spend eternity sparring 
like Gods, nobody shall win.' the Archbishop of Maradas says.

'We imprisoned him, because as long as we exist, so too will he.' 
the Archbishop of Gath says. 'We value the lives we were given, so 
we will fight to protect them, even if it means protecting him 
as well.'

'We must take leave, Brothers, to the temple.' the Archbishop of 
Vandyne says. 'If you wish to confront us you will need to find 
us there.'

The Archbishop of Vandyne clears his throat.  With the piercing 
shriek of warped air, a shimmering, translucent portal opens 
before you

The Archbishop of Dira steps through a portal and vanishes.
The Archbishop of Gath steps through a portal and vanishes.
The Archbishop of Ithrilis steps through a portal and vanishes.
The Archbishop of Maradas steps through a portal and vanishes.
The Archbishop of Vandyne steps through a portal and vanishes.

an oval energy portal disappears with a thunderous BANG!

Go East, 2 South, 5 East, Northeast, Up, Northwest, and South. The Archbishops are one more to your south. Get prepared for your fight here.

The best way to do this would be to make sure you have four druids in your form. The Archbishops have no saves whatsoever. Dispel all their effects, get a psionic to disarm them and then you are ready to start. Don't bother to plague or poison them as the Archbishop of Vandyne will just cure it instantly. With your four druids, have them all evoke ooze a different Archbishop every round so as not to let the other Archbishops join in on the combat, while the others just spam heal on the tanks as needed. After two Archbishops are dead, you won't have to worry about the massive damage they do formed. Kill off the remaining two Archbishops and then you get to fight the Archbishop of Vandyne. He's not all that hard, just treat it as you would any normal fight and heal the tank, spell the Archbishop up and he'll die soon enough.

You'll get an Archbishop's zucchetto, which is a 240 enforce-level head armor that has the sanctuary spell on it. You'll also get the spine of the condemned, which is a level 240 halberd that does negative-energy and has the flaming attribute.

Killing Reztreal


After the Archbishops are dead, Reztreal will be released. Get to Shadow Castle (NE of Xaventry through Mandrake Forest) to fight Reztreal. You'll need the key (a cold black stone brick) from the master assassin. You can find him from the Foyer of the Castle, Up, 2 North, 2 West, North. From the Foyer of the Castle go 2 north, 4 west, 1 north and search to find the hidden door east. Use the cold black stone brick to unlock the door and go 3 east and search again to find the hidden down. Open the door down and go 2 down and spell up for your fight with Reztreal.

Reztreal shows that he is resistant but also vulnerable to fire. Use Jade wands or something that does flames damage to kill him faster. He has an enormous amount of hp so bring along as many people as you like for the battle. Reztreal is also immune to bash. A form of seven or more would be good to be safe and have everything run smoothly. You'll have two tanks in this fight. There will be one person that will be the main tank in the fc position in the 'shield formation'. This person should be a sidhe/fey Valkyrie if possible. This will protect against the tank being constantly poisoned and it will save more damage so the tank won't need to be healed as often.

Your second tank, the 'bolt tank', will be the character that enters last into the room. This person you will want to be a psionic if possible. The 'bolt tank' should have a shield in order to block all of Reztreal's bolts and also have telekinetic shield up in case their shield block doesn't kick in for the defense to block the bolt. This character will need the most healing. Reztreal will bolt and cast high explosion (HE) most of the battle. The tank should have some sort of fire resistance if possible to cut down on damage taken. Continue to keep the two tanks healed and when Reztreal gets down to 'Barely Clinging to life', he will vanish away from the fight. Reztreal will go anywhere within the Shadow Castle realm.

Spread out and hunt him down and get the form back together and attack him the same way you did before with the two specific tanks. Reztreal will once again vanish from combat, but for the 2nd and final time. Hunt him down again and attack him like you have been. From here, it doesn't take too long.

When he dies his loot will drop on the floor. Reztreal gives no Archon Points unfortunately. He will have a couple items though. One item is a a fuliginous scutum, a level 232 shield with the reflect-magic attribute.

Another item is a sphere which you hold and use to get the mark of tenacity if you're 4th class or higher. If you get this mark, you won't be able to use the Zucchetto you obtained from the Archbishop of Vandyne earlier.

Congratulations, you've completed the Reztreal run!