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NPC: The Archbishop of Ithrilis

NPC: The Archbishop of Ithrilis
Long Desc: The Archbishop of Ithrilis paces the room, concerned over the state of things.

The mighty Archbishop of Ithrilis is the premiere master of water.
His devotion to the Powers has relented him nearly boundless strength to use
in their name, however, due to his priestly disposition he rarely uses them
for combat.  However, his presence here suggests that one of those rare
occasions is upon the towne of Xaventry, and it requires his power to stop.

He is a human approximately 5'7" tall.
This NPC is a member of the clergy for Ithrilis, the Power of Water (Water).

This NPC can be found in: The Towne of Xaventry.
*This NPC is stationary.
This NPC is known to carry the following items:
This NPC carries 'an Archbishop's zucchetto', a level 240 armor.