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Cwn Annwn

Member: Adaeriel

Character Image
Full name: Adaeriel Nickname: Ada
Race: Fey Home town: Tellerium
Sex: Female Power:
Date of birth: 12/31/1400 Alignment: Satanic
Age: 47 Reputation: Saint
Height: 4'7'' First Class: Wizard
Weight: Second Class: Valkyrie
Hair: Red Third Class: Shaman
Eyes: Violet Fourth Class: Rogue
Status: Married Archon:
As part of her Queen’s continuing plot to take control of the mortal plane, Adaeriel was sent to the village of Lasler as a young fey to learn anything that might be of help to her ruler. She was fascinated with the use of magic and began training in the respected art of wizardry. After leaving Lasler, she bravely set out for the town of Tellerium and entered the service of Lord Telleri, who she continued to serve for several years. Over time, her growing frustration with her inability to use her magical gifts and her tantalizing glimpses of Templeton led her to pledge her loyalty to the Lady Templeton.
Though proud of her magical prowess, she felt that it would behoove her to gain more knowledge and strength and began training the skills of the Valkyrie. Her inexhaustible quest for knowledge led her to the healing arts of the shaman and the thief-like abilities of the cunning rogue.
Adaeriel continues to serve her Lady faithfully to this day, though she is well known to have a long standing quarrel with the guards of Templeton and has no qualms about creeping up behind them when she finds them alone on the streets. When her Lady has no quests, Adaeriel will venture to Beltane and into Lord Maldra’s treacherous keep, where she is well rewarded for her trouble. When one of Lady Templeon’s ‘moods’ strikes, she travels instead to the city of Xaventry to beseech her mistress, the Lady Undya, for a quest and stops for a quick chat with her friends among Lady Undya’s devout followers.