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Cwn Annwn

Member: Foxglove

Character Image
Full name: Foxglove Digitalis Nickname: Foxy
Race: half-elf Home town: Sigil
Sex: female Power: Flower
Date of birth: 8/26/1407 Alignment:
Age: Reputation:
Height: 5'3 First Class: Rogue
Weight: 18 stones, 84 pebbles Second Class: Valkyrie
Hair: Red Third Class: Wizard
Eyes: Brown Fourth Class: Priest
Status: Archon: Never! ♦♣♥♠
Foxglove is a fox. That is all.

You receive a page of parchment titled '<3' in the mail, sent by Nobadii on Fri Dec 29 17:39:36 2006.

[CLAN] Nobadii: 'I'll give you 1mil gold for pictures of foxxy'

[CLAN] Notorious: 'you have a cool thumb fox'