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Cwn Annwn

Member: Irimi

Full name: unknown Nickname:
Race: Human Home town: Xaventry
Sex: female Power: Dira
Date of birth: 5/19/1417 Alignment:
Age: 23 Reputation:
Height: 5' 8" First Class: Valkyre
Weight: Second Class: Ranger
Hair: Third Class:
Eyes: Fourth Class:
Status: Archon:
Irimi was born in Xaventry, raised by the priests there. She has never spoken of how or why, but she earned the protection of Prophet and his wife, and continued her training with their guidance. As Prophet’s ward, she was given an idle clan to oversee and maintain, until such time as he came to reclaim it.

Unfortunately, responsibility for a PK clan made her an attractive target. Under strict instructions to stay out of public areas, the young woman was very isolated from others her age, but did manage to make a few friends. Sandril, Picky and Csia brought her stories of the world outside, and she chafed under the weight of her responsibility. Irimi chose to study the arts of the ranger, in the heavy forests surrounding Xaventry.

In time, the outlaw lost interest in the clan, and sold it. Her duty done, Irimi was free to follow Picky, joining him as well as Sandril in Annwn. Farther outside the influence of her powerful guardians than ever before in her young life, Irimi is quiet and dutiful, still looking for her own place in the world.