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Cwn Annwn

Member: Katran

Full name: Katran Duilliath Nickname: Katrie
Race: Elf Home town: Tellerium
Sex: Female Power: Dira
Date of birth: February 2, 1398 Alignment: Good
Age: 60 Reputation: Good
Height: 4'9 First Class: Wizard
Weight: 91 lbs. Second Class: Valkyrie
Hair: Gold Third Class: Priestess
Eyes: Green Fourth Class: Bard
Status: Divorced Archon: No
Katran Duilliath (Duilliath meaning "shadow-leaf") was born on February 2, 1398 in an obscure Elven village deep in the Fraou Forest. The daughter of a well-to-do weaponsmith, she enjoyed a happy childhood among family and friends. As a child, she was fascinated by the arts of war, and like most elves, was a skilled archer. Bold and adventurous, she often explored the deep and ancient woods surrounding the village.

Shortly after her fourteenth birthday, Katran and a small group of friends decided to make a day-long trek into the area west of the village. Returning home, however, they saw a band of tall humans from a neighbouring settlement marching into their village. They watched in horror as their homes were razed to the ground. Fearing that the humans would come after them, they fled back into the woods, where they lived and foraged for several months before finally resolving to abandon their home and seek a future elsewhere.

They journeyed to the village of Lasler, known to be a place where all were accepted and could begin new lives. Here, the group disbanded, each member following his or her own path. Katran chose the path of the mage, to become a seeker of knowledge.

She quickly grew bored of Lasler, and journeyed to the city of Sigil, where she found herself in a new circle of friends. Although she travelled throughout the continents of Auryn and Sepharia, it was Sigil to which she always returned, knowing she would be welcomed back with open arms.

At the age of sixteen, Katran completed her studies as a wizard. She returned to her first love, beginning her training as a valkyrie.

It was then that she was offered a position in Clan Aceldama, an offer which she gladly accepted. The smallest and youngest of the group, she settled down contentedly in the belief that she had found a new family. In Aceldama, Katran made lifelong friendships with several of her fellow clan members, most notably Khalid, who would later become her husband.

However, many of her Sigilan friends ventured out into the world of Alyria, returning less and less to the city. Meanwhile, the population of Sigil steadily expanded, and Katran found herself uncomfortable in this sea of unfamiliar faces. She moved to the continent of Avros, residing in the peaceful towne of Tellerium and entering the service of the Quest Master, Lord Telleri.

Katran left Aceldama due to conflicts within the clan. With the help of other former Aceldama members, she and Khalid co-founded the Cwn Annwn.

When Katran was twenty-two, she commenced her studies as a cleric under the Power Dira. Shortly afterward, Lord Telleri ennobled her for years of exceptional service.

Katran and Khalid were married in January 1423 and divorced quietly in mid-1437. They retain co-ownership of the Cwn Annwn. Katran currently resides in Tellerium.