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Cwn Annwn

Member: Khalid

Full name: Khalid Nickname:
Race: Sidhe Home town: Tellerium
Sex: Male Power: Omnipotent.
Date of birth: 11/26/1396 Alignment: Neutral
Age: 43 Reputation: Legend.
Height: 6'0 First Class: Paladin
Weight: 180 lbs. Second Class: Wizard
Hair: Long and flowing. Third Class: Druid
Eyes: Piercing. Fourth Class: Bard
Status: Deadly. Archon: Yes
[dbsp]An interloper on the mortal plane, Lord Khalid strides the world like a collosus, striking terror into all he encounters. His origins are lost in the darkness of centuries past, but what is known is that he is driven by an inexorable need to hunt the most dangerous game-- the warriors and mages of the humanoid races. A careful, untiring predator, Khalid tracks his prey with a calm and a calculation that sends chills along those that give witness. Whether choosing his opponent simply as a worthy challenger, or to defend the honor of his clan, The Cwn Annwn, this legendary hunter of man and monster never relents, and rarely fails to take his trophy.[/dbsp]