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Cwn Annwn

Member: Nerion

Character Image
Full name: Nerion Nickname: Ner, Neri
Race: Sidhe Home town: Lasler
Sex: Male Power: Yes
Date of birth: 11/8/1407 Alignment: 1000
Age: 37 Reputation: -100
Height: 6'0 First Class: Cavalier
Weight: Yes Second Class: Druid
Hair: Yes Third Class: Monk
Eyes: Yes Fourth Class: Bard
Status: Ok Archon: Yes
I tend to be rather quiet, but that is because I do not have a lot of patience for fools. And yes, that probably includes you.

I have a better system for dealing with fools, than going back and forth with them exchanging meaningless words. I find them, I web them so they can't get away, and then I kill them. I was the top overall player killer of all last year. What can I say... there are a lot of fools that need killing.