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Cwn Annwn

Member: Tejon

Full name: Tejon Nickname: Darth Badger
Race: Half-Elf Home town: Sigil
Sex: Male Power: Vandyne
Date of birth: 2/20/1413 Alignment: 1000
Age: 23 Reputation: Neutral
Height: 5' 2 First Class: Ranger
Weight: 13 stone Second Class: Barbarian
Hair: Third Class: Priest
Eyes: Fourth Class: Bard
Status: Active Archon:
Slim of build and plain of face, Tejon can best be described as unassuming. Normally his battle dress is hidden away under a plain traveler's cloak. But underneath the quiet exterior is a hard, almost ruthlessly practical half-elf, quite capable of doing whatever is necessary--whatever that may be. He allies himself closely with the essence of Vandyne, and because of his faith, even when slain, Tejon soon rises, to serve once more.

As an elder of the Cwn Annwn, Tejon is completely loyal to his clan. Like all of the Cwn Annwn, Tejon pursues information, in all its forms. He sends the not inconsiderable forces of Clan 92 to collect knowledge from all over Alyria and the adjacent planes, usually leading the charge himself. Sometimes he has to die to collect a bit of lore. Sometimes, he must kill for it.

The Cwn Annwn is not miserly with its store of knowledge, and many come to them seeking wisdom or lore. Tejon serves with Vaneir as a librarian and organizer of the clan's collected information.