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Cwn Annwn

Member: Ungrim

Full name: Ungrim Nickname: Grimmy
Race: Dwarf Home town: New Rigel
Sex: Male Power:
Date of birth: 10/14/1389 Alignment: Angelic
Age: 50 Reputation: Saint
Height: 4'7 First Class: Barbarian
Weight: 220 lbs Second Class: Bard
Hair: Flaming Red Crest Third Class: Wizard
Eyes: Blue Fourth Class: Priest
Status: Alive Archon: Yes
Through a battle scarred face he glares back at you, his one good eye catching every detail. A huge crest of flaming red hair sits atop his bald, tatooed head. His beard is also vivid orange and carefully bound with gold rings and brightly coloured ribbons. His appearance is every inch the vision of death. You can quite believe the rumours that he is quite mad, and prone to impulsive and crazy acts.