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Cwn Annwn

Member: Vorn

Character Image
Full name: Vorn Lightwave Nickname: Porn
Race: Sidhe Home town: Sigil
Sex: Male Power: Immeasurable
Date of birth: 4/6/1398 Alignment: Angelic
Age: 38 Reputation: Saint
Height: 6'0 First Class: Cavalier
Weight: 11 stone. Second Class: Wizard
Hair: Scruffy brown Third Class: Priest
Eyes: Light blue Fourth Class: Bard
Status: Hobo Archon: Would be but lazy.
Vorn is an old man, having been around for a long time. His knowledge is considerable, and he has guided the Cwn Annwn through many crises. These days one is more likely to find Vorn on the practice field in the clan hall, training up and advising young clannies. At night though, Vorn can still be found in the clan mead hall, drinking the young ones under the table.