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Cwn Annwn

Member: Vur

Full name: Vur Nickname: Vur
Race: Half-elf Home town: Sigil
Sex: Male Power: Foxglove
Date of birth: 11/23/1417 Alignment: Angelic
Age: 22 Reputation: 100
Height: 5'3 First Class: Cavalier
Weight: 145 Pounds Second Class: Wizard
Hair: Black Third Class: Priest
Eyes: Hazel Fourth Class: Rogue
Status: Semi-Active Archon: Yup
Here you see a broken man. Physically he looks normal and healthy, and his figure is quite the style of a warrior. But upon closer inspection, he is broken. His eyes scream in pain; his soul is dead; his heart has grown cold. While he looks healthy, he hasn't quite taken care of himself. His facial hair has grown out and is scruffy. Perhaps he is trying to hide the pain in his face? As you continue to stare at him, you grow colder. You can almost feel his own icy blood flowing through your veins, and you start to wonder about what made him this way. What could make a man quit caring and become just a lifeless body? His love is gone, pulled from his Once Warm heart. There is nothing left here but a man that is dead inside.