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Cwn Annwn

Member: Xelessar

Full name: Xelessar Nickname:
Race: Elf Home town: Xaventry
Sex: Female Power:
Date of birth: 1/4/1426 Alignment: Good
Age: 30 Reputation: Saintly
Height: 4'7" First Class: Psionic
Weight: Second Class: Valkyrie
Hair: Black Third Class: Druid
Eyes: White Fourth Class:
Status: Archon:
Xelessar is a fierce, masculine woman with a magnificent neckpiece that has reminiscences of hunted animals,a unique symbol of her tribe.

She has feminine dark hair and elegant Elvish ears, but her clothes and armour are clenching to muscles that are hardened and more defined than anything else you have ever seen. Her physical prowess frightens you.

Xelessar's eyes have changed to a complete shade of white as a result of intense mental training from her tribe's Amazon mystic.