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Cwn Annwn

Room: Trackers' Bar

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This room is within Tavern of the Boars.

Center map on Trackers' Bar

 Trackers' Bar                                          -      N      - 
(-------------------------------------------------)     - <---(M)---> E
                                                        -      -      -

The bar area is rather small compared to the rest of the tavern.  Just an
elevated rectangular box with extruding panels of wood that serve as the
table.  Lined along the shelves behind the bartender are various kinds of
drinks - from exotic drinks to vile concoctions such as Ogre's Brew.  Mugs
and glasses are stashed away from sight beneath the counter, next to cans of
nuts and wet towels.  Slumped onto the table, drunken men ramble about
fights and glory that are long gone and the bartender would pass an
occasional irritated look, wishing they would leave so as to make space for
others.  A cold draft of air creeps in from somewhere in the room.  
     A wooden stool stands here in front of the bar.
A menacing rogue looks prepared to slit your throat.
A disgusting drunk is slumped here uttering nonsense.
A disgusting drunk is slumped here uttering nonsense.
Ramgleg, the Tavern Bartender, gestures for you to sit down.