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Cwn Annwn


Location Recallable Who string
(919, 1232) in Sigil Underground Yes Underw
You see there is an odd-looking whirlpool in the Well of Sorrows.

Items in area Darksea

Item name Level Type Location
fountain a chasm full of air 5 fountain Darksea
furniture a long bar carved out of the coral 10 furniture Darksea
map a map of Darksea 5 map Darksea
amulet A pearl-inlaid shark icon blessed by Zeqolas 66 amulet Darksea
weapon a skull-staff from a priestess of Saenia 200 weapon Darksea
figurine a trophy that looks like the boss, Saurua Gnash [2017 Edition] 10 figurine Darksea
potion an unlabeled iridescent vial 241 potion Darksea
armor some fitted admantite dorsal armor 35 armor Darksea

NPCs in area Darksea

NPC Location
A cluster of sea urchins Darksea
A giant stingray Darksea
A long-finned battlemaster Darksea
A moray as long as the darkness is deep Darksea
A resident of Darksea Darksea
A retired buccaneer Darksea
A tame kraken Darksea
An ascetic follower of Zeqolas Darksea
An eel of Darksea Darksea
Anamor Grintooth, heir apparent to Darksea Darksea
Gluugrah, the bartender Darksea
Saurua Gnash Darksea

Special rooms in the area

Room name