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General logs: Kegora the Fool!

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Kegora the Fool! Katran 2006-06-19 12:53 am 2291

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Kegora tells you 'Why? :<'
You tell Kegora 'it makes me want to bash my head into a wall.'
Kegora tells you 'Tell me how I may redeem myself to you. I have idiots for much worse reasons, and I don't think I need one for such a stupid reason as that.'
Kegora tells you '... Er, enemies.'
You tell Kegora 'Where characters can go to look for fellow actual DnD Pen and Paper type roleplayers, who act out their characters, called "In Character" or "IC". "Out of Character" or "OOC" is what most people do. Instead of "Lol I'll give you this unidentified scroll for your old sword." You'd go, "Kegora chuckles, "I'll give you a scroll for your old blade." And such like. Sorry for this explination to you RPers, but it's for the people who will say "Lol dat is stoopid."'
You tell Kegora 'oh. my. god.'
You tell Kegora 'you're explaining IC and OOC? :S'
Kegora tells you ':< It was on the fly. I sorry, I won't do it again.'
You tell Kegora 'and you think'
You tell Kegora '"I'll give you a scroll your your old blade" is RP, where "unidentified scroll" and "old sword" are not? :p'
Kegora tells you 'What? You hath confused me.'
You tell Kegora 'and you think all non-RPers are also stupid? -_-'
Kegora tells you 'Waaaah. You're taking this BS way too personal.'
You tell Kegora 'how presumptuous!!@$'
Kegora tells you 'EXACTLY.'
You tell Kegora 'that's why I think you're a fool and you're permanently blacklisted. :('
You tell Kegora 'until I forget why.'
You tell Kegora 'lolz.'
Kegora tells you 'JHFC, calm down. I was offering an explination for those who wanted one. It was low key and simplistic, no assumptions or presumptions about intelligence were intended, nor in my mind, implied!'
You tell Kegora 'no, you just assumed we're all idiots on your message boards. :('
Kegora tells you '... I assumed nothing, dammit.'
You tell Kegora 'you also made me want to tear my hair out, because on occasion, I do roleplay, and it's nothing about randomly substituting more RP words into my sentences.'
You tell Kegora '-_-'
Kegora tells you 'I NEVER SAID THAT.'
You tell Kegora 'did too! :>'
The shade of Kegora tells you 'God dammit, I'm being attacked by you because you fucking over analyzed something.'
You tell Kegora 'you asked for it. :>'
You tell Kegora 'your reaction is making me lol.'
You tell Kegora 'thanks, bud. :]'
The shade of Kegora tells you 'I was asking for a channel on which to meet more roleplayers. I didn't ask to be verbally abused.'
The shade of Kegora tells you 'JHFC, I have people hating me because I made apparently rude comments to their clannies. People who don't even know me. And now you're hating me for dumb ass shit like this. Get a fucking life.'
You tell Kegora 'lolllll'
The shade of Kegora tells you '....'
You tell Kegora 'oh man'
You tell Kegora 'I can't hate you now, this is too funny :>'
The shade of Kegora tells you '... Whatever.'
You tell Kegora '^_^;;;'
The shade of Kegora tells you 'Everyone is being a fucking cock because I'm apparently rude. And now you're doing this shit. I should seriously rethink my reasons for staying.'