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Cwn Annwn

General logs: June 25, 2006 - the tale of the Giptard continues.

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June 25, 2006 - the tale of the Giptard continues. Katran 2006-06-26 03:09 am 2193

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[PKTALK C] Bibbel: katran wud get deleted in lyk a week :<'

[PKTALK C] Katran: want a cookie? you newbie.' [53]

[PKTALK C] Gip: was gone for 5 months '

[PKTALK C] Gip: your the newb saying 3 months'

[PKTALK C] Katran: Bibbelyboo. <3' [52]

[PKTALK C] Bibbel: <3'

[PKTALK C] Ledatic: oh well, i cant remember this chars pwd so oh well lolz'

[PKTALK C] Katran: lol.' [52]

[PKTALK C] Bibbel: after the boys of summerr have gone3'

[PKTALK C] Katran: maybe you don't understand that "at least 3 months" means AT LEAST THREE MONTHS?' [51]

[PKTALK C] Katran: you retard' [51]

[PKTALK C] Gip: well if you where not such i newb you could say atleast more than 3 months'

[6] clan members heard you say, '"pk ...are you swedish?"'
[6] clan members heard you say, '-_-'
[PKTALK C] Katran: ...' [51]

[PKTALK C] Bibbel: :S'

[PKTALK C] Evighetens: what a retard'

[PKTALK C] Gip: lmao it is so easy pissing you off'

[PKTALK C] Katran: I'm going to cry laughing.' [50]

[PKTALK C] Gip: omg its eve and katran on here ganging up on people woops'

[PKTALK C] Gip: agian!'