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Cwn Annwn
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A couple of people have been asking that the ‘recently submitted’ lists be extended to 25 (or whatever) items. We gathered that this may be because people want to see more items when they’re going on a submitting spree, so instead I’ve added something to let you see a complete list of your submitted items/quests/NPCs.

This is accessible via your contributions page ("contribs" on the bar at the top once you’re logged in).

As always, please post in the forums or let me know about any feature requests!
Akoravin I personally would like to see a "show more" link underneath the list so we can see the whole list, over a certain number of pages of course.
Nemix I think its probably related to wanting to see newer items. It would be an issue if I weren’t visiting the site so often.
Kingspade When I spoke to 92’s clan leader about adding a longer list of receintly submitted items, they told me that they wern’t going to do it because they like it when certain items get bumped off the list. This is how the IMM’s do it. "Its probably because of some ridiculous reason that obviously can’t be true" "Here’s a feature to make you stop asking, even though it was clear what people where asking for, and this is not it". C’mon guys… c’mon… c’mon…
That is somewhat of a moot point as there are other options for doing so. (Hiding items that is)
Just visit the site more often. :D
Yo Kingspade, I’d be more willing to spend my time adding features for you if you didn’t act like a whiny little bitch.
Kingspade yeah yeah yeah, nice and hostile. I’m used to people hating on me, probably because I’ll call ppl out on crap as soon as I see it. People dont like the "way i talk" on this game. Only situation in my life where people do this :P dont get me wrong man, this site pwns. I give this website to every new player I meet, and help them navigate it (although its extremely easy to navigate, it is the most well-built site this game has ever had)

I’m just saying, it couldn’t have been more clear what people where asking for. I asked one time, and the answer I got is the answer I posted, I dont see how that makes me a whinny little bitch lol. I’m fairly sure it would be changing 1 number in 1 peice of coding, to add a longer recently submitted list. Its probably not that easy, but the coding is already there for you so it can’t be that hard or time consuming.

Thats not very nice of you to insult me, players where responding to your post saying thats not what they wanted, of course it isn’t. I was just letting them know why the wont be seeing the simple feature request that they wanted.

Also, other ways about removing items from the list… there are. Like how searching for relics does not work. I’m sure someone knows how to make it work, but in the sense of it working like the rest of the gear search system, it does not. I think these are more complicated systems than just adding a new gear peice, 10 times. 10 blackjack vouchers. Clean up the screen.

I just dont see what called for a direct insult to me. I’m sorry you dont like what I said, but I’m just callin it like I see it. I can’t be the only one who see’s it like this…
Kingspade Also, I do visit this site daily and I see almost all the new gear that comes threw. Like most of the complaints I make to better the game and the features surrounding the game, it doesn’t really apply to me. You dont get changes made by asking for ones that cater to your character or play style. Its for the better interest of making the game and all of its features better and more enjoyable. Thats it
Kingspade We used to be friends Dupre, remember that? Gas prices are getting high again, maybe you should get off the hate bus.
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