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Cwn Annwn
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Tamlin Buy vial for 580Qp or so
Use vial in a room you can teleport from
This will take you to the aged one (druid in xav)
You will now get your first Phase


*****A hunchbacked minotaur sags beneath the weight of his wrinkles and gnarled horns.
‘You have not yet completed the task I assigned to you, Tamlin.’ Uny’yun the aged says to you. ‘Just as a reminder:’
‘Years ago, but really not so long ago, monarchies and despotic regimes were the only political systems in Alyria.’ Uny’yun the aged says to you. ‘Now, between the Council of Seven experimenting with democratic policies and other assorted legislation, anyone can become a ruler. Journey to the High Judge of Rune and he will inform me of your political successes.’
‘Remember: you must not die, or your quest will be lost until you revisit the ageless one.’ Uny’yun the aged says to you. ‘You may leave Alyria as necessary, and your current phases will be saved, but you will need to revisit the ageless one to start it once more.’
‘Good luck on your journeys and explorations, Tamlin.’ Uny’yun the aged says to you.

Success Requirement/String: Unknown yet as I have to get more political success :)

Fail String:
**The High Judge of Rune sits here in judgment.
The High Judge of Rune says to you, ‘I’m afraid your political successess are not substantial enough for my approval.’
Kignar have you got rune house?
Tamlin I do in fact
Lantis It seems the phases (or order of the phases) you get is random. Others have gotten different phases first, such as:

To become heroes, they were required to prove themselves: prove yourself to me. Solo the elemental hydra, Dr. Gonzo, and Vextrinas.”

and ‘Now, certain dastardly beasts and villains wan
der the globe after prolonged stays in Xazra’s accursed box. Kill seven different scatter
ed, wandering enemies.’
Kingspade This is a quest to become a hero? so there is a quest to become a hero and an archon now? And they’re both ridiculously difficult? Say goodbye to materia magica. New players, wont even bother. I know you dont beleive me, I’m just stupid ol kingspade. Watch suckers. Who the fuck wants to waste their time that hard? time consuming is one thing. Building for 5 months, to get 1 peice of gear, to make you 1% better, over the course of 3 years. You guys are fuckin insane, really.
Veneficus The only things the imms proved with this is that they know how to make something challenging and that Kingspade has no effin clue what hes talking about.
uh, no this isn’t a quest to become hero. It’s an archon thing for receiving bloodline bonuses but yeah it’s pretty tough ensuring that only Chaosfire and a few other op players will most likely be able to do it and that’s only if they have the time to invest in it. My first phase after finding the minotaur guy was to kill 5 of the 20 least-run bosses. didn’t even bother trying to finding out which ones that was.
Tamlin Yeah that was a mayoral quest phase.

Hopefully they will tweak it a bit. Its sad to have a nice feature under utilized if people who put years into their archons are having problems :)
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