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Cwn Annwn
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…for any problems/concerns about the site.

Please don’t wait for me to log on or return from AFK so I can listen to your tells. Seriously, I will be better able to deal with things if I have a list waiting in my e-mail.

Specifically, you should send any database-related things to me at katrie @ gmail. I deal with item, NPC, quest, trainer, skill, mark, and area submissions and corrections. I can fix players’ class path and clan affiliation in the player tracker. I can also reset your password.

Issues related to automated site functions (such as trackers) or any code errors should generally be directed to Zazou (his name @

If you don’t know where to send your request, just send it to me and I’ll deal with it or forward it as necessary.

If you have a suggestion, please post it in the suggestions forum.

THANK YOU for voicing your concern via the appropriate channel.

More personal update/reason for lack of activity: I got a job and it is sucking my life and my soul.


I second this motion. Please email me with site issues, particularly if trackers stop working. Don’t wait for me to be online; I’m not that often anymore.

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