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This quest [31528] is called 'Signs of Spring', for Adventurers levels 136 to 241. This is a SEASONAL quest. It is available for a limited time. Lord Telleri is the master in charge of this quest. The long, cold winter is finally over. The lands around us become lush once again as the sun returns to shower us with its energy. It is almost time to celebrate the beginning of spring. To be sure, I will need proof of the coming season. Please travel to every corner of this world to verify that spring is here. Then return with your report so that we can begin preparation of this year's festivities. Upon successful completion of this quest you can receive: *Up to 40 quest points, 6 practice points, 0 archon points, 20 build points, 0 piety, and 15,000 gold pieces. *The item 'a sturdy, woven basket'. Item 'a sturdy, woven basket' is type container, alignment 0, made of organic, has keywords 'spring basket'. This item weighs 0 stones and 10 pebbles, and is valued at 3,750 gp. This level 10 item has the attributes: no-auction A sturdy, woven basket is in excellent condition. Capacity: 15 items. Maximum weight: 3 st, 50 pb. Flags: closeable When you look inside, you see: Nothing. *This item has a limit of [1] per character. This simple basket is woven out of small twigs and tree branches. The basket has a circular base and a large wooden handle fashioned out of twigs that arches across the open top. Inside, you can see tufts of lush, green grass. There could be ANYTHING hidden within! You have 336 Alyrian minutes remaining to complete this quest. Signs of Spring consists of: Phase 1: Visit a robin. Phase 2: Visit an adorable piglet. Phase 3: Recover a yellow dandelion. Phase 4: Visit a bright red cardinal. Phase 5: Visit a fly. Phase 6: Visit a council member. Phase 7: Journey to Garden of Champions. Phase 8: Journey to Howell Park.


what do you do with the basket


It spawns food like a pouch of plenty

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