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Cwn Annwn
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l scroll Level 15 item ‘a tightly-rolled scroll’ is type parchment, with keywords ‘crystalquestCuthbert magic map scroll tadamir’.


So, I noticed that, when I plugged this into the search function, I couldn’t find the area. This also did not work for:

Using the powers of deduction, I’ve been able to deduce exactly where this particular crystal was located. [1708, 479]

Ruthgul seems to think the error may have been caused because of Dorathon showing up in a part. As a returning player from nearly four to five years ago, I don’t quite know how new the area is, or it’s compatibility with the map.

— Cuthbert —


By visual comparison - the vmap appearance of the area has changed. This sometimes happens.

But since the area actually appears on the map, you or someone else should be able to able to use your amazing powers of “deduction” and identify it pretty quickly without using any search aids…


If I am not familiar with the area I usually just remove the buildings from the map itself…after pasting into the finder area….count each one your erase and just add the surrounding terrain to fill it in. works like a charm

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