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You focus your powers of observation on a syringe filled with Tarnele disease antidote: Item 'a syringe filled with Tarnele disease antidote' is type treasure, alignment 254, mad e of glass (in (new) condition), has keywords 'Tarnele disease curse syringe needle silver antidote'. This item weighs 0 stones and 3 pebbles, and is valued at 22,625 gold. This level 25 item has the attributes: identified nomail blessed nodrop noremove no-sac no -donate nohide no-container no-bury insulated wont-fuse unbreakable no-save no-rent no-ste al no-give *This item may be repaired 4 times. This is a clear plastic hypodermic needle. It contains the distilled scales of several common species of dragonfly. Alyria's best physicians believe this to be an effective antitode for the Tarnele disease, although it won't be absolutely certain until it is USEd. The silver liquid filling the narrow tube looks pretty viscous. It might take some muscling to get it crammed into a vein.


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