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Item 'the toothsome helm of Divusmors' is type amulet, alignment -1000, made of bronze (in (new) condition), has keywords 'toothsome helm divusmors', equipped over the head. This item weighs 0 stones and 43 pebbles, and is valued at 53,800 gold. This level 241 item has the attributes: identified blessed no-mimic insulated removable-in-safe This item has a default lifespan of 580 days and will expire on Thu Jun 2 22:19:52 2016. This amulet attracts archon-points with a success rate of 75%. There are 50 charges remaining bound within the toothsome helm of Divusmors. Affects hp by 125. Affects spellcasting-priority by 100. Affects ar-head by 66. *This item may be repaired 10 times. This is part of the 'Divusmors' Fangs' set. Requires level range of 235 to 241 to activate. - Item 'the toothsome boots of Divusmors' - Item 'the toothsome helm of Divusmors' - Item 'Divusmors' serrated axe' Grants knowledge of 'exodontia' at 100% (Requires 3 items). Affects hp-regen-max by 10 (Requires 3 items). Although only made of bronze, this helm is still very sturdy and durable. It has been enchanted with a powerful, evil magic which causes it to deteriorate very slowly. It is said that if a mortal is to wear this helm, it will make them stronger, at the risk of going insane.

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