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TRIGGER TO FIX MAPPING ROOMS - Place as a trigger under the map itself in your DEF 1. Adjusts Colors 2. Updates flags 3. updates coordinates 4. Updates VNUM 5. Updates COST to 1 (could by dynamic based on room size but not there yet)

TRIGGER PATTERN: TRIGGER TYPE: GMCP 201 #IF (%maplocked=0) { ;; Adjust the room name to ensure its correct #CALL %roomname(%roomkey(, ;; add room info coordinates to the flag for each room as you create it #CALL %roomflags(%roomkey(, ;; Add the information to the notes for each room to be queried by using %json #CALL %roomnote(%roomkey(, ;; Room Cost Default 1 eventually figure out cost by size #CALL %roomcost(%roomkey(,1) ;; translate the colors to room colors #IF ( != "") { #LOCAL $color #SWITCH (%ascii(%replace(,"|",""))) (%ascii("B")) {$color="Blue"} (%ascii("R")) {$color="Red"} (%ascii("C")) {$color="Cyan"} (%ascii("M")) {$color="Magenta"} (%ascii("Y")) {$color="Yellow"} (%ascii("W")) {$color="White"} (%ascii("G")) {$color="Green"} (%ascii("D")) {$color="Grey"} (%ascii("b")) {$color="darkBlue"} (%ascii("r")) {$color="darkRed"} (%ascii("c")) {$color="darkCyan"} (%ascii("m")) {$color="darkMagenta"} (%ascii("y")) {$color="wheat"} (%ascii("w")) {$color="darkWhite"} (%ascii("g")) {$color="lawnGreen"} (%ascii("D")) {$color="dimgray"} {$color="Orange"} #IF ( ~= "safe") {$color="White"} #CALL %roomcol(%roomkey(,$color) }} {#NOOP}


TRIGGER: ^ WARNING: You are in a (*) room. #IF (%maplocked=0) { #SWITCH (%-1) ("NEUTRAL PLAYER KILLING") {#CALL %roomcol(%roomkey(,"Yellow")} ("CHAOTIC PLAYER KILLING") {#CALL %roomcol(%roomkey(,"RED")} ("LAWFUL PLAYER KILLING") { #CALL %roomcol(%roomkey(,"GREEN")} {#CALL %roomcol(%roomkey(,"ORANGE")} } {#NOOP}

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