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Cwn Annwn
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Item 'an initiate's otter skin pouch' is type container, alignment 0, made of leather (in (new) condition), has keywords 'initiate otter skin pouch'. This 2-slot item weighs 0 stones and 2 pebbles, and is valued at 890 gold. This level 15 item has the attributes: used-for-quest Capacity: 15 items. Maximum weight: 3 st, 50 pb. Flags: none When you look inside, you see: Nothing. This pouch has been constructed from the hide of an otter. It is both sturdy and stylish, as otter skin is highly sought after in many parts of Sepharia. The pouch is resistant to water and wonderfully durable. The fur of the pouch is slightly oily; not enough to dirty your fingers but enough to make the pouch slick and cause the fur lie down flat.

—A chained initiate(short)

—-A chained initiate from the Order of the Rabid Wolf lies here.(long) Rune Forest, Frozen Cavern

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