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Cwn Annwn
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A tiny cot hangs from the wall, rising above the chaos.

Item ‘a gnome-sized cot’ is type furniture, alignment 0, made of cloth (in (new) condition), has keywords ‘tiny cot’.
This item weighs 0 stones and 10 pebbles, and is valued at 0 gold.
This level 10 item has the attributes: identified wont-fuse unbreakable nodecay This tiny cot is just small enough to fit a gnome, but it doesn’t look much used. Some thick blankets and pillows are scattered around on top, unmade, with some of them bearing the usual scorch marks. The cot hangs from the wall about eight feet up, and a small ladder in the wall leads up to it. It looks cozy enough, but lonely too. There’s no room for others in the mess covering the walls and floor below, and even if there was, they probably wouldn’t want to be here either.

As a 6’ tall sidhe I tried to sleep in the cot:

You go to sleep in a gnome-sized cot.
You try to sleep in a gnome-sized cot, but find yourself too big, and fall out.
You seperate yourself from a gnome-sized cot.

Found in “A Cluttered Suite” in Tavern of the Boars, within Sepharia.

Typo ‘seperate’ reported. I would recommend spelling it correctly in the database!

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