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Cwn Annwn

Clanhall Tour




 A Dark Antechamber                                     -      -      -
(-------------------------------------------------)     - <---(M)-D-> -
                                                        -      S      -

  The room is darkened and has an eerie feel to it.  Sometimes you think
you hear laughter or even the sound of combat near you as you timidly stand
here.  Other times you think you might have just heard the echo of a meeting
of the minds or a intimate conversation.  Sometimes you hear nothing but the
haunting quiet that abounds here.  Your mind begins to wander and you wonder
if you really heard anything at all.  As you brush your hand along the walls
trying to get a feel for the room, you can actually feel the carved markings
in the walls.  A chill runs down your spine as you get the feeling that this
room leads to something very important.