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Item: dwarf-punting boots

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Item 'dwarf-punting boots' is type amulet, alignment 0, made of steel,
has keywords 'big boots pair dwarf punting'.
This item weighs 0 stones and 40 pebbles, and is valued at 17,000 gp.
This level 200 item has the attributes: wont-fuse unbreakable no-dispel no-tweak
This item has a default lifespan of 60 days.
This amulet repels earthquake-damage with a success rate of 80%.
Affects agility by -4.
Affects ar-legs by 12.
Affects hp by 200.
Affects wisdom by -2.
*Your race must be equal to ogre to use this item.
This item has a special enchantment.
*This item may be repaired 1 times and renewed 4 times.
*This item has a limit of [1] per character.
Ogres aren't known for communicating very well, but whoever wrote the
purchase order for these boots certainly knew what they were doing.  Sleek
and fast, these boots look like they kick very hard, and fast.  Sturdy and
steel-toed, they look like they'd weather a storm well.  Hearty and well-
supported, they look like they would protect their wearer in time of need.  

+++ dwarf-punting boots have a chance, in combat, to do to their wearer's
opponent 10 damage for every inch shorter than 6' that the opponent is tall,
at a cost of 250 stamina, with a frequency of 20% per round.

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This item can be found in Old Empire Clan Hall.
Mobiles known to carry this item:
*This item is dropped in Old Empire Clan Hall by the mob 'One of the twin dragons of Colove'.