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Item: Vandemaar's Trunk

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Item 'Vandemaar's Trunk' is type container, alignment 0, made of reinforced-wood,
has keywords 'vandemaar trunk'.
This item weighs 1 stones and 10 pebbles, and is valued at 14,000 gp.
This level 160 item has the attributes: nodrop insulated wont-fuse nouncurse unbreakable nodecay no-dispel blessed magic-resistant will-float weight-reducer locker
Capacity: 250 items. Maximum weight: 54 st, 0 pb. Flags: closeable closed
Vandemaar's Trunk is an enchanted piece of furniture, carved from ebony.
Unusual protective patterns are deeply engraved into the black wood and
inlaid with silver.  A skull has been mounted on the side of the box,
functioning as a grisly keyhole.  

This item can be found in Quest Item.
Mobiles known to carry this item:
*This item is sold in Maldra Keep by 'Lord Maldra'.
*This item is sold in Maldra Keep by 'Wierus, the Maldra Keep Chandler'.
*This item is sold in Random Area by 'Terra Ophellium'.
This is the version that Lord Maldra currently sells for 14k QP.
Forral There was a glitch in the trunks at the Keep in December sometime, with one trunk selling for I want to say 30,000 Quest points. That trunk was at level 166, had fewer stones weight, and a few other missing attributes. The immortals say this is just an error, but different players have some trunks at level 140 (the original) and some are at level 166. I've had my trunks for at least a year and a half well before the glitch, and they both changed to level 166, so take it as you will.