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NPC: Dreel

NPC: Dreel
Long Desc: Dreel looks over a set of plants to see if they need transplanting.

The handsome proprietor of this shop is carefully removing a small plant
from its pot as you enter.  He gently digs a hole for the plant in the soil
of a larger container, and turns to help you with your needs.  Judging from
his affinity with nature, you decide that this half-elf must have been
raised by his elven parent.  However, it seems that the human side of his
personality has won out, since he now lives here in the city.

He is a high-elf approximately 5'5" tall.

This NPC can be found in: The Towne of New Rigel.
  …in Potted Creations.
*This NPC is a shopkeeper.
*This NPC is protected by the Powers.
*This NPC is stationary.
This NPC is known to carry the following items:
1) a carnation 5 133 gp
2) a yellow daisy 100 9,500 gp
3) a bouquet of cut flowers 10 258 gp
4) a rose bush 10 250 gp