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Cwn Annwn

NPC: A stronghold guard

NPC: A stronghold guard
Long Desc: A tall, tanned man stands here wearing a buckskin uniform, standing guard.

Muscles bulging beneath his buckskin uniform, this soldier is indeed a
massive specimen of human.  His skin tanned to a gentle golden brown, he
looks over all of those who pass before him, constantly assessing them as to
whether or not they potentially pose a threat.  A multitude of scars are
visible on his face, each of which is a constant reminder of an opponent
that he was able to best in physical combat.  Trained in various forms of
hand-to-hand and armed combat, he is ready to engage any and all opponents
who dare provoke him.

He is a human approximately 5'8" tall.

This NPC can be found in: The Covian Stronghold.
  …in A Reinforced Battlement.
*This NPC is protected by the Powers.
*This NPC is stationary.