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Cwn Annwn

Room: The Old World Cafe

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This room is within Chat Rooms.

Center map on The Old World Cafe

 The Old World Cafe                                     NW     -     NE 
(-------------------------------------------------)     - <---(M)---> -
                                                        -      #      -

This is the infamous Old World Cafe.  This cafe is probably the first
franchise ever to be started in all the realms.  This particular cafe is
decorated in an old archaic style of motif.  There are a few tables about in
the middle of the room.  A couple of booths are against the eastern and
western wall.  A mahogany bar sits up against the northern wall.  Barmaids
and wenches scurry about serving the cafe's regular patrons.  A grim ogre
bartender stands behind the bar slowly wiping the countertop.
A huge female ogre is here, tending bar.