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Cwn Annwn

Room: Deep in a Fogbank

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This room is within A Rift Between Sigil and The Underside.

Center map on Deep in a Fogbank

 Deep in a Fogbank                                      -      N     NE 
(-------------------------------------------------)     W <---(M)---> -
 WARNING: You are in a NEUTRAL PLAYER KILLING room.     -      -      -

The air is heavy with condensation and the smell of funk and mildew.  The
underside of Sigil is a strange place, and this cavern appears to be below
even that.  Harboring the slightly noxious gasses that drift around up
above, as well as the cold, damp air that drifts from the cavern pools,
everything is enveloped in smelly, stale fog, rendering any ability to look
around difficult and tiresome.


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