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Cwn Annwn

Room: Fisherman's Cafe

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This room is within Templeton.

Center map on Fisherman's Cafe

 Fisherman's Cafe                                       -      -      - 
(-------------------------------------------------)     # <---(M)---> #
                                                        -      -      -

The Fisherman's Cafe is a small local cafe that serves the local
population.  There are all kinds of locals who come to dine here, but
notably the fishermen who live in the area.  Occasionally you will see a
town official here probing the population on the issues.  Small checkerboard
tablecloths cover each of the tables, and a small bar is in the middle.  
Some drops of blood are on the ground.
     The sliced-off arm of a cafe patron is lying here.
A cafe patron is sitting here enjoying a good meal.
Grundel stands here telling stories and serving drinks.