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Cwn Annwn


Location Recallable Who string
(1630, 536) in Alyria Yes Towne
You see the shimmering walls and rooftops of the towne of Templeton.

Items in area Templeton

Item name Level Type Location
furniture a bar stool 10 furniture Templeton
furniture a bath 10 furniture Templeton
treasure a baton 40 treasure Templeton
seed a black seed 5 seed Templeton
weapon a blessed silver axe 241 weapon Templeton
weapon a blessed silver lance 241 weapon Templeton
key a bloody key 100 key Templeton
weapon a bloody, bladed pentacle 229 weapon Templeton
trash a bouncy ball 10 trash Templeton
parchment a chart 5 parchment Templeton
book a city record book 5 book Templeton
book a city record book 5 book Templeton
book a city record book 5 book Templeton
book a city record book 5 book Templeton
book a city record book 5 book Templeton
container a coin purse 10 container Templeton
furniture a comfy bed 1 furniture Templeton
weapon a composite short bow 80 weapon Templeton
weapon a curious-looking lance 240 weapon Templeton
artifact a decayed werewolf canine 241 artifact Templeton
weapon a dragontail lance 240 weapon Templeton
food a duck confit meal 15 food Templeton
trash a feather duster 10 trash Templeton
reagent-earth a fern leaf 5 reagent-earth Templeton
trash a fishing pole 5 trash Templeton
key a fizzing lead key 30 key Templeton
drink-container a flagon of alfalfa brandy 10 drink-container Templeton
fountain a fountain 1 fountain Templeton
fountain a fountain 1 fountain Templeton
fountain a fountain 1 fountain Templeton
fountain a fountain 1 fountain Templeton
fountain a fountain 1 fountain Templeton
fountain a fountain 1 fountain Templeton
artifact a four-leaf clover 25 artifact Templeton
armor a full plate 100 armor Templeton
armor a fused breastplate 60 armor Templeton
trash a gas line 1 trash Templeton
reagent-astral a gem of Death 10 reagent-astral Templeton
drink-container a glass of dwarvish tea 10 drink-container Templeton
drink-container a glass of dwarvish whiskey 10 drink-container Templeton
drink-container a glass of fox trot 10 drink-container Templeton
drink-container a glass of peachtree schnapps 10 drink-container Templeton
trash a glob of foul smelling vomit 40 trash Templeton
key a golden key 100 key Templeton
weapon a golden mace 165 weapon Templeton
weapon a government issue sword 60 weapon Templeton
armor a guard's helm 60 armor Templeton
weapon a guard's longsword 90 weapon Templeton
weapon a guard's mace 70 weapon Templeton
trash a hammer 10 trash Templeton
key a house key 1 key Templeton
armor a iron helmet 60 armor Templeton
clothing a janitor's patch 40 clothing Templeton
pill a kabal plant 20 pill Templeton
key a key 40 key Templeton
key a key enchanted with an ancient benediction 241 key Templeton
weapon a lance of appropriation 240 weapon Templeton
clothing a leather coat 30 clothing Templeton
clothing a leather vest 40 clothing Templeton
lockpick a lockpick 25 lockpick Templeton
musical-instrument a lyre 50 musical-instrument Templeton
telescope a massive golden telescope 10 telescope Templeton
weapon a mercury maul 239 weapon Templeton
clothing a mink coat 80 clothing Templeton
food a mint 10 food Templeton
clothing a pair of deerskin moccasins 240 clothing Templeton
armor a pair of iron boots 60 armor Templeton
armor a pair of iron gauntlets 60 armor Templeton
artifact a philosopher's egg 130 artifact Templeton
money a pile of gold 5 money Templeton
trash a pile of trash 5 trash Templeton
trash a rat carcass 1 trash Templeton
food a ration of food 5 food Templeton
furniture a restaurant table 1 furniture Templeton
food a roast salmon meal 15 food Templeton
food a roast veal shank meal 15 food Templeton
armor a round shield 60 armor Templeton
container a rusty old bucket 80 container Templeton
food a sack of bird seed 5 food Templeton
container a secure bag [OS] 120 container Templeton
container a secure bag 120 container Templeton
light a shadow lantern 175 light Templeton
seed a small apple tree 5 seed Templeton
container a small cup 10 container Templeton
clock a small pocketwatch 15 clock Templeton
staff a staff of life 50 staff Templeton
food a steamed fish meal 15 food Templeton
weapon a stiletto 40 weapon Templeton
food a strawberry salad and sorbet 10 food Templeton
food a strawberry sherbet 10 food Templeton
armor a studded leather vest 171 armor Templeton
furniture a table 10 furniture Templeton
clothing a tattered shirt 10 clothing Templeton
reagent-air a toucan feather 5 reagent-air Templeton
food a veal cutlet meal 15 food Templeton
drink-container a warm glass of milk 15 drink-container Templeton
container a well-worn syrup bucket 241 container Templeton
armor a werewolf pelt 241 armor Templeton
container a wishing well 40 container Templeton
furniture a wooden table 10 furniture Templeton
trash a wrench 10 trash Templeton
weapon a yeti hide lance 240 weapon Templeton
weapon a yew lance 240 weapon Templeton
clothing an 'I have too much time on my hands' t-shirt 10 clothing Templeton
book an advisor's book 70 book Templeton
container an alchemical canister 200 container Templeton
treasure an alchemical canister 200 treasure Templeton
artifact an antique iron coin 150 artifact Templeton
seed an apple seed 5 seed Templeton
plant an apple tree [OS] 50 plant Templeton
weapon an atlatl dart 63 weapon Templeton
food an ice cream bombe 10 food Templeton
armor an iron buckler 60 armor Templeton
weapon an iron huntress' bow 121 weapon Templeton
weapon an iron huntress' crossbow 121 weapon Templeton
armor an iron pot helm 70 armor Templeton
weapon an oak gavel 85 weapon Templeton
furniture an oak tree 10 furniture Templeton
plant an oak tree 10 plant Templeton
gem an opal gemstone 20 gem Templeton
weapon an origami lance 240 weapon Templeton
armor chain mail gloves 100 armor Templeton
food coco cloud tort 10 food Templeton
armor frosted legplates 80 armor Templeton
armor iron gauntlets 60 armor Templeton
furniture oaken pews 1 furniture Templeton
food raspberry mousse cheesecake 10 food Templeton
food roast rack of lamb meal 15 food Templeton
container secure bag [OS] 120 container Templeton
container secure bag [OS] 120 container Templeton
clothing some leather trousers 30 clothing Templeton
armor steel boots 100 armor Templeton
clothing tailored pants 40 clothing Templeton
weapon the flail of authority 165 weapon Templeton
warp-stone the gnarled root of an evergreen 186 warp-stone Templeton
weapon the golden lance 170 weapon Templeton
furniture the holy altar 1 furniture Templeton
key the key of the dead 100 key Templeton
weapon the knight's axe 170 weapon Templeton
weapon the lance of malicious urges 240 weapon Templeton
light the lantern of perception [OS] 150 light Templeton
light the lantern of perception 150 light Templeton
weapon the librarian's penknife 63 weapon Templeton
armor the lieutenant's gauntlets 160 armor Templeton
jewelry the ring of the dead 180 jewelry Templeton
weapon the spear of the dead 180 weapon Templeton
weapon the whip of death 185 weapon Templeton

NPCs in area Templeton

NPC Location
A bag lady Templeton
A banker Templeton
A bar patron Templeton
A bat Templeton
A beast hunter Templeton
A blackjack dealer Templeton
A bored citizen Templeton
A brigand lieutenant Templeton
A bright red cardinal Templeton
A brown bat Templeton
A brown spider Templeton
A busy citizen Templeton
A cafe patron Templeton
A card dealer Templeton
A castle advisor Templeton
A castle armorer Templeton
A castle gateguard Templeton
A castle janitor Templeton
A castle librarian Templeton
A castle servant Templeton
A city clerk Templeton
A content citizen Templeton
A convicted murderer Templeton
A convicted racketeer Templeton
A court jester Templeton
A cute bunny Templeton
A dark rat Templeton
A dark spider Templeton
A deft chamber maid Templeton
A diamondback rattlesnake Templeton
A doctor Templeton
A dracon citizen Templeton
A drunken drow Templeton
A dubious looking man Templeton
A dull colored cardinal Templeton
A fat cat Templeton
A fisherman Templeton
A flasher Templeton
A foreign visitor Templeton
A gang member Templeton
A gateguard Templeton
A gnome child Templeton
A green slime Templeton
A halfling prisoner Templeton
A hidden thief Templeton
A hooker Templeton
A human citizen Templeton
A hungry vagrant Templeton
A janitor Templeton
A jay Templeton
A lady of the night Templeton
A leper Templeton
A local guest Templeton
A lost poodle Templeton
A lovely castle guest Templeton
A lovely nurse Templeton
A male prostitute Templeton
A malevolent werewolf Templeton
A mental patient Templeton
A minotaur citizen Templeton
A minotaur prisoner Templeton
A mission cook Templeton
A mission volunteer Templeton
A parishioner Templeton
A pegasus Templeton
A Persian cat Templeton
A plumber Templeton
A pooch Templeton
A poor citizen Templeton
A practice dummy Templeton
A psychic old man Templeton
A pudgy bird Templeton
A raven Templeton
A religious fanatic Templeton
A resident of Templeton Templeton
A rich citizen Templeton
A rich man's wife Templeton
A robin Templeton
A rogue prisoner Templeton
A scholar of magic Templeton
A sewer rat Templeton
A sexy wench Templeton
A shackled drow prisoner Templeton
A shady elf Templeton
A short woman Templeton
A sick patient Templeton
A Sidhe dignitary Templeton
A smelly beggar Templeton
A sparkly fairy Templeton
A spirited sailor Templeton
A squirrel Templeton
A stallion Templeton
A surgeon Templeton
A surly prisoner Templeton
A swan Templeton
A tall castle guard Templeton
A tall man Templeton
A temple priest Templeton
A Templeton town guard Templeton
A toucan Templeton
A traveling minstrel Templeton
A twisted leprechaun Templeton
A visiting sailor Templeton
A waitress Templeton
A wolverine Templeton
Aeolin Templeton
An alchemist Templeton
An alligator Templeton
An elderly citizen Templeton
An elegant castle guest Templeton
An elf citizen Templeton
An elven artisan Templeton
An elven castle guest Templeton
An elven wife Templeton
An elvish bouncer Templeton
An exhausted guard Templeton
An important guest Templeton
An off-duty guard Templeton
An old crusty bum Templeton
An owl Templeton
Asterion Templeton
Bernard Templeton
Bjorn Templeton
Brendle Templeton
Captain Naroth Templeton
Caya Templeton
Deek Templeton
Elya Ords Templeton
Faltel Templeton
Federal Judge Powers Templeton
Gorm Templeton
Grundel Templeton
Horland Templeton
Jake Jofasta Templeton
Jasmine Templeton
Jetta Starlight Templeton
Jisila Bardenberg Templeton
Jonny Templeton
Judge Strom Templeton
Lady Templeton Templeton
Maladrit the chef Templeton
Opta Dashi Templeton
Parker Templeton
Rachel Templeton
Ren Templeton
Rupert Templeton
Senator Laveau Templeton
Shady Templeton
Sophia Clearsight Templeton
Thanatosis Templeton
The alchemist's apprentice Templeton
The alchemist's faithful servant Templeton
The aviculturist Templeton
The bath maid Templeton
The builder Templeton
The charge nurse Templeton
The golden armor Templeton
The grocer Templeton
The handyman Templeton
The harlot Templeton
The knight Malcolm Templeton
The lady of the house Templeton
The magistrate Templeton
The magistrate's secretary Templeton
The master of arms Templeton
The matron Templeton
The matron Templeton
The mayor Templeton
The postmaster Templeton
The priest of St. Ruth's Templeton
The rogue trainer Templeton
The royal archivist Templeton
The shopkeeper Templeton
The spirit of Lord Templeton Templeton
The trainer Templeton
The wedding cleric Templeton
Trader Hilda Templeton
Urgma the Shipwright Templeton
Xebbert Durbann Templeton
Yeto Orbegast Templeton

Special rooms in the area

Room name
Crossroads of Grambling & Fourth
Maple Street
Market Square
Stillwell Boulevard
Treetop Road
Warehouse Road
Stenas Road
Templeton Post Office
The Local Branch of the Tellerium Bank & Trust
The Commons
Templeton Warehouse
Bernard's Locks
Divine Protection
Elya's Bows and Strings
Fighting Styles
Jake's Drug Store
Magical Aura
Mystic Things
Plentiful Plants
Ren's Exotic Pets
Roots and Herbs
Rupert's Jewelry
Strange Herbs
Templeton General Goods
The Bathhouse
The Hammer and Anvil
The War Hammer
Weapons Galore
Yeto Orbegast Tailoring
A Dead End
A Fork in the Sewers
A Large Sewer Passage
A Sewer Intersection
A Small Sewer Passage
An Intersection in the Sewers
Above the Mighty Fortress
Temple Altar
Town Square