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Cwn Annwn

Magical fade

School: Defense
Complexity: 5%
Classes that acquire this proficiency:


One of the basic defense strategies, along with acrobatics, dodge, parry, and shield block. The magical fade defense allows the faerie to momentarily slip onto the faerie plane to evade a hit in combat. Due to this inter-planar mechanism, magical fade does not function while on the faerie plane. This defense also does not function in no magic.

Mobiles known to provide training in this proficiency:
*This proficiency is trained in Seelie Castle by the mob 'A very wise Sidhe'.
*This proficiency is trained in The Village of Lasler by the mob 'A stalking fey'.
*This proficiency is trained in Unseelie Castle by the mob 'A devious fey trainer'.
Hamfist Magical Fade is taught by the same Trainer as Shape Shifting, a devious fey, that wanders Unseelie Castle.